I was born in northern Italy in 1974 and I live and work in London since 2001. I got educated as an accountant and for many years worked in retail, but photography has been one of my major interests for the last decade. I’ve always had a camera nearby, it has been my way of keeping a visual diary of my life.

In 2010 I began taking photography more seriously as professional career, starting a BA at the University of Westminster.

I am mostly interested in travel, documentary and art-photography, portraying stories events using semiotics to express concepts; I love to portray people as well as places and I am mostly fascinated in the philosophy, psychology and history which is hidden behind the image.

I love to play with light in order to create emotions: simplicity is the key to my methodology. I am a simple person, hi-lights and shadows are strong components of my life.

For me photography is such a beautiful and creative way to examine and transform negative thoughts and behaviors into a positive attitude towards life.